Thank you.

My deepest gratitude goes out to a few of my former clients who had these thoughtful words to share regarding our time together:


"I am always grateful for my therapeutic time with Dr. G.  After a major life change brought anxiety attacks, fear and confusion, Dr. G assisted me to relax, question my thoughts, brave the trauma in my mind, view my situation objectively, talk about the direction I wished for my life, receive insight into my past decisions, childhood, and subsequent results. I saw the light of healing through self-acceptance and CBT. I view my time with Dr. G as a foundation to my profound progress. I absolutely recommend working with Dr. G to anyone who is ready to heal."


“My daughter is 15 years old and has Anxiety Disorder and Trichotillomania. We found Dr. Aarti Gupta through the website. I found her to be an amazing therapist for my daughter. She really related to my daughter in an open-minded and understanding way. My daughter was resistant to counseling and Dr. Gupta knew how to back off and let my daughter come to her and seek out help on her own so she didn't feel forced. Dr. Gupta was also a great help to me in dealing with my daughter’s issues and how I could best handle things with her. We both found Dr. Gupta to be a wonderful resource and highly recommend her!”

“I first met Dr. Gupta through an anxiety support group. My anxiety/panic/depression had become so debilitating that I was missing many work days at a time. I learned quickly through Dr. Gupta's support that the only way to improve my life was to challenge myself to take small steps toward facing my anxiety head on - but it was shown to me at my own pace. I was never pushed into doing something I wasn't ready for. Two years later - I now go into work every day, whether I am anxious or not, and my anxiety is nowhere near as bad as it was before. Through Dr. Gupta's help, I was able to rebuild my life and become a fully functioning person again. Dr. Gupta is friendly and straight-forward, and sessions at times can be emotionally challenging, but over time they did dramatically change my life. I would recommend her in a heartbeat for anyone who doesn't know where to turn and wants to turn things around.”


“I think that a lot of people think of OCD as repetitive hand washing and light checking, but there are sides of it that are darker and make you feel isolated.  As OCD began to interrupt my daily life more and more, I went to seek Dr. Gupta's help. After a couple meetings with Dr. Gupta, I noticed a few things: she is observant and can pick out things about your behaviors and thinking patterns you might not notice yourself; she challenges you to go toward your fears rather than finding routes around them; and she is an incredible listener and passionate about her job. In a short amount of time, she was able to help me tremendously with techniques that I still use almost a year down the road. I still have symptoms that come up, but with what she taught me I am able to navigate through them pretty well. In a way, she really empowers you to live on after therapy. I have been seen by a few therapists, and if the conditions called for it, I would, without a doubt, return to Dr. Gupta for help."


“When I had first started therapy with Dr. Gupta, I had been dealing with OCD and anxiety for years and did not know how to control or handle my urges. We came up with a plan and were able to get to the root of the problem, and I have been able to control my urges for months now. What helped me the most was that it felt that she really wanted to help me and that I was talking with a friend- someone that I was comfortable with.”